3 dr solo gps m8t

I recently bought an M8t in the DroleK 3DR SOLO GPS version, and the 6-points flat cable connector was not included in the delivery.
Can you provide me this connector or give me his reference?
I thank you in advance.

You have to use your cable which is on your solo. We don’t have the reference of it.

Ok Jerome,
thanks for your quick reply, but I do not have the Solo.
This is a specific “home made” montage on a Pc platform.

You should find this kind of cable on different marketplaces.

Hi Jerome:

A couple years ago, I purchased the Drotek “3DR Solo RTK GPS” and “XXL RTK GPS” Base. I’m just now trying to make this work on a stock Solo. This Community post refers to documentation that is no longer accessible:


Might this documentation still be around and can I get access to it?

Thank you,



I have checked but we no longer have this document. Sorry.