3DR Iris : replace the LEA 6H by M8P


I would like to replace a LEA6H GPS module by a M8P in order to get raw data and do PPP.
Is it possible to do that ?
Which product to buy ?



You can get raw data from an M8T, it is cheaper than M8P. M8P is useful if you want real-time RTK. There is an option in Mission Planner’s Full Parameter List called GPS_RAW_DATA that allows you to enable logging of raw data directly on SD card.

The corresponding product is : https://drotek.com/shop/en/home/679-ublox-neo-m8t-gps-hmc5983-compass-xxl.html

The ground plane is quite large so it will be difficult to fit it inside Iris. We could also put the M8T on an XL board if you need so.

Hi Kevin,

thanks for answering.
Yes it is a good idea and a XL board should fit into the Iris (like the M8N).
Do you know if the M8T with postprocessed raw data will increase the position accuracy
in comparison with a M8N ? Did you ever try this ?

Yes, go through SMARTNAV’s documentation, this is exactly what we did!


You can get spectacular results with RTK (in that case you would need two receivers), I am not that familiar with PPP though. M8P can be very useful if you want to do real-time RTK with a small form factor.

RTK is quite tough to implement on field. That’s why I plan to focus on PPP in a first phase.
So I willl probably purchase the M8T with a XL board to integrate into an Iris.