3DR Solo RTK - Photoscan workflow

Hi Guys,
So I have my Solo firmware upgraded, MP8 installed and Tiny base communicating with mission planner. All working good.
Now, do I have to tell mission planner the exact base altitude? Presumably I geotag photos with RTK injected log file, I’m using geosetter to try and achieve survey grade workflow for Photoscan or such like?




Actually when the base enters Survey-In it automatically calculates its latitude, longitude and height, so you don’t have to enter base coordinates manually. Then your logs will contain the RTK solution that you can use directly.

Cool, thank you Kevin.

@Kevin @James_Pullen Is the workflow working ? Testing relative accuracy ? absolute accuracy ?

I haven’t run photogrammetry tests myself but could definitely achieve under-decimeter precision with those modules. Keep in mind that your absolute accuracy mainly depends on your base’s position.

Kevin I got my other issue resolved in the other thread. Now I am seeking to get better accuracy for the models we create in Photoscan. In your experience how long does it usually take to Survey-In to achieve decimeter accuracy? I realize that it takes a while just trying to get an idea of what to expect. I am using the XXL base and it seems to take about 45 minutes to achieve .5 meter in the Survey-In. Does that sound reasonable?

Getting Survey-In to decimeter accuracy can take quite long indeed! That does seem reasonable. However there are other possible workflows to avoid this long wait.

  • If you already know a precise position for your base you can directly use it (Fixed mode instead of Survey-in)
  • In some countries there is a public network of stations. It is possible to log raw data at the exact point where you plan to use your base and then use public network station data to calculate an RTK position. Logging for 10-15 min is often enough, provided that the station is not too far (<10 km).