3DR Solo specific M8n vs the regular M8N

Can you clarify some of the solo specific features of the new M8N product? Obviously, it has the correct connector, and form factor; was anything changed w/r/t filtering or operating in the rf environment of the 3dr solo? Other competing 3rd party solo GPS have emphasized this in their product, but it wasn’t clear if this had changed between the regular m8n you sell, and this new one.

The design is similar to our XL version with good practices such as minimal track for the antenna, effective ground plane, etc… There is no specific need for additional amplification/filtering with this chip (already includes LNA + SAW filter). An improvement would be to use an active antenna, but that would increase cost. The form factor is then specifically adapted to Solo mount. The M8N compared to Solo’s previous version will ensure much shorter GPS fixes and on the whole a better navigation (better immunity to noise, more precision, etc…)

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