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is there somebody out there who already has tried/used ZED-F9 ?
I would interested in about result. (RTK resuliton time, precision, accuracy, RTK fix stability, environment effects etc.)

There is a good quality article about evaluating F9P using RTKLIB here :slight_smile:


As the ZED F9P module is a fascinating GNSS device, I suggest you to create your own topic related to performance and/or accuracy/reliability under the F9P RTK category. That way, other users may find out easily all the needed informations.

NB : at Drotek we’ve been performing some amazing tests with a Time To First Fix of approximately 20 seconds and a tremendous precision within the cm scale.
Long story short, a very very promising GNSS module. :slight_smile:

When your zed-f9P module ready in market?

It is already, check this out : https://store.drotek.com/rtk-zed-f9p-gnss