Accuracy with or without RTK

Hello forum,
I am new to (RTK)GPS and just starting to learn all the new possibilities. After reading many Google searches I still have a question I cannot find the answer to. Maybe you can help.

Are GPS receivers like the XL RTK GPS when used as a stand-alone GPS receiver (without a base station) more accurate then a ‘normal’ GPS receiver without RTK? In other words… is buying a RTK receiver without using a base station making sense?

Thank you for your answer


Yes you need to use a base (virtual or real) to have a centimetric accuracy.

Hello Jerome,
Thank you for your reply, but this was not my question… I wanted to know if a RTK receiver (like the Neo-M8P) is intrinsically (= without base station) more accurate than a “normal” GPS receiver without RTK? For my project I don’t need cm accuracy, Sub meter accuracy would be sufficient for me to work with…


The accuracy is the same than a normal GPS if you don’t have the base.