ACS759 by Drotek info

Hello everyone,

I’m interested in the ACS759 hall sensor for current and voltage reading. My battery is a 6S lipo. Since I found very little documentation about this board ( I ask you a few questions:

  • does the GND output pin share the signal from battery GND (the large PCB trace with the “-”) ?
  • if I use an isolated DC/DC converter to power my autopilot board may I have GND reference problems with this sensor (e.g. ground loops) ? My wiring scheme would be: battery -> ACS759 sensor -> isolated DC/DC -> autopilot board

Yes the GND is shared. You don’t have to connect the GND of the conenctor.

Thank you for the very quick reply.

My doubt now is that, if I don’t connect the GND of the connector on your board I may have a floating voltage reference since my flight board is powered by the isolated DC/DC which supply its own GND reference which could be different from the battery GND, giving a misleading voltage reading.

I’m facing this problem since some days ago, so if you have any more suggestion to help me go through this problem it would be great,

Thank you,

ok I understand what do you mean. For sure you have to connect either the GND of the connector or the GND of the lipo.