Adding RTK to a Paparazzi UAV


Je suis intéressée par l’intégration du RTK sur drone utilisant un autopilote Paparazzi;
Je souhaite commencer en premier lieu par essayer d’établir le PPK, et je voudrais acheter un Tiny RTK. J’ai quelques questions:
1- Aurais-je besoin de base aussi pour établir le PPK? (Antenne ou autre matériel?)
2- Comment utiliser le Tiny RTK en mode PPK?
3- Est-ce que vous avez déjà essayé cela avec un autopilote Paparazzi?

Merci d’avance.


I am new in RTK and I want to integrate it on my drone using a Paparazzi autopilot;
First, I want to try to establish the PPK, and I would like to buy a Tiny RTK. I have some questions:

1- Would I need a base too to establish the PPK? And an antenna? (anything else?)
2- How to use the Tiny RTK in PPK mode?
3- Have you ever tried this with a Paparazzi autopilot?

Thank you.

for running TinyRTK / XL RTK GPS / … in PPK mode you need a external data logger. We build such a GPS Datalogger which stores NMEA and UBX/RINEX datastream on an SD-Card. Beside this, while running the number of satellites is indicated by a LED.

We sell them, but do not promote them right now. If you are interested please contact us at
We can also provide the information on how to configure the TinyRTK / XL RTK Modules to output the UBX/RINEX datastream.

When using PPK Mode you need a BaseStation RINEX file. Either from a service provider, from another Tiny RTK Module or from an Surveyours GNSS equipment.

For postprocessing and geotagging of the images, we provide a TOOLBOX with the logger mentioned above. Output are txt lines (image.jpg lat lon elev accuracy) and Agisoft Photoscan Project files in *.psx format.

RTK is easier than PPK as no data storage is required. But other problems with radio, limited bandwidth, limited radio distances occur.

Regarding Paparazzi Autopilot - we’ve never tried…

regards, Hans

Hey Hans,
Thank you for all these informations, but I still have a few questions.
Why is it important to have a datalogger?
I decided to buy a XL RTK Module, with the XXL base. How can we configurate it to use it in PPK Mode?
Also, you said that you provide a TOOLBOX for postprocessing. What is it about?
Thanks again.

PPK means Postprocessing. So you have to store the satellite data somewhere. RTK XL and XXL Base do not support storing data. Therefore, the logger is required :slight_smile: And furthermore, we signalize the number of GNSS satellites on the logger to give feedback to the user.

Our REDtoolbox is for postprocessing and geotagging and quality assessment. The output are Agisoft Photoscan Files *.psx and/or corrected lat, lon, elev, accuracy imagename *.txt files . A very helpful program.

Cheers, Hans

Okay! Could you send me a link to your products (datalogger and REDtoolbox)?
Thank you