Airspeed sensor connection to pitot tube


I have this product:

Unfortunately i disconnected all rubber tube from pitot, and from sensor. I dont no, how to reconnect it.
Static pressure to sensor port x with sort or long rubber, and total pressure to sensor port x with sort or long rubber tube.

Is there a photo or schematic drawing? Or can anyone write me how?

Thank you for your help.


@jerome, the above link reports a 404 page not found error. Do you have the new link or picture showing how to connect the two rubber tubes to the pitot. The picture below is the only one I found online, but can you confirm that the tubes are connected correctly on that picture?


Sorry the doc is available here

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@jerome, does changing the length of tubes affect performance of the measurement?. I am planning on using them about 5 cm.

I advise you to not change the length of the tube.

@jerome Do you have a technical reason for that?
Or is it because you have tested with existing length?

Dear @jerome , may I ask why the documentation for this item is removed?


Thank you, however I still think would make sense to fix this one. That is what most new comers will try, not the forum.

What I mean is navigate to that page and try to click on that link and see what happens…

You are right. There is a dead link. We will fix it asap. Thanks for your help.