Airspeed sensor MS4525 - wiring

I have the airspeed sensor based on MS4525, which I want to connect to a PixFalcon via the DF 13 I2C port.
I am confused about the wiring:

The on line shop tells that a DF 13 cross cable is needed.

However, doing some electric continuity test between the DF 13 pins on the airspeed board and the lateral pins of the MS 4525 (which value I take from the connection diagram on the pdf file, but also with the JWT pinout, readable on the bottom) it looks like the DF13 pins are in the same order as the I2C standard (Vcc, SCL. SDA, Ground).

Before making a shortcut, could you please confirm what is the correct wiring?


yes you need a cross cable for the pixhawk.
The name of pin on the PCB is only for the JWT connector.

Thank you very much for the help,