Airspeed Sensors

what is the difference between those two products:

Is the one which is currently available without a logic level converter and has 5V logic level? Or is the logic level 3.3V? Will the one which is not in stock available in the near future? Can I find some examples / documentation to read the diff. pressure via I2C with my own microcontroller?

Dustin Lehmann


The difference is that one version has a logic-level converter to convert the 5V logic signals into 3.3V. The available version is the 5V version, the other one is currently in production.

You will find some information here and a code example there

Thanks for the reply. I just have some more questions:

  1. isn’t the pixhawk 3.3V i2c logic level? Because it is stated to work with the pixhawk.
  2. on the TE Site you linked it is said, that the Module works with either 3.3V oder 5V and the logic level is V_CC. Is that also applicable to your Module?
  3. when will the one with level converter be available?

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Dustin Lehmann

  1. Yes it is 3.3V but is also 5V tolerant. It is however advised to use 3.3V because 5V can lead to I2C errors.
  2. We have the 5V version…
  3. Approximately 2 weeks. An alternative would be use this external LLC.