All Good, but no RTK Float or RTK Fix with XXL RTK GPS and NEO-M8P

When running MP, I cannot get my Drotek XXL GPS RTK Base to communicate with my RTK NEO M8P GPS.
i.e. In MP, I am not reading the GPS:rtk Float or no GPS:rtk Fixed within the Flight Data page.

I have correctly updated the Arducopter-v2.px4 firmware to my Solo. (Party mode activated).
After upgrading the firmware into my Solo, I notice I have both Arducopter-v2.px4 and ArduCopter-1.3.1.px4 in the the firmware/loaded folder. Is this normal to have two ArduCopter files loaded?
I have correctly connected and performed Initial setup of the Drotek XXL RTK Base in MP.
The BASE GPS is Valid indicated by green bar & multiple satellites detected.
Through the RTK/GPS Inject page in MP, I have used a survey coordinate position for the Survey-in method - all systems look good.
I have also connected my Solo to MP via the UDP Client. The connection good (as test, I have written a mission into the Solo computer).

Although I proceed to the Flight Data page in MP,
and although I read that my onboard GPS is connected (bottom right corner of screen),
But I see no RTK GPS connection (No GPS:rtk Float or no GPS:rtk Fixed).

Given I assume Arducopter-v2.px4 should be the overriding firmware,
is it safe for me to remove the ArduCopter-1.3.1.px4 from my Solo and attempt flight.
Is there any other potential problem that is preventing my system from attaining RTK mode?

You should try with Arducopter-v2.px4 firmware inside the folder only, that should work.

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I assume you are telling me that the 3DR Solo will fly correctly with only Arducopter-v2.px4 file in the firmware/loaded folder?
And that the preexisting the ArduCopter-1.3.1.px4 should be removed (deleted) from the firmware/loaded folder?
I ask specifically only because I do not enjoy watching my bird turn into a Kamikaze.