Android Driver for GPS+Compass


in the PDF Document of u-blox ( | Page 3)
“A-GNSS is also part of this implementation. For more information about the Android GNSS driver, please contact u-blox’ sales channels.”

After a quich research i found out that the driver is only downloadable by customers which have a business relationship with u-blox.

I am interested in Android driver for a GPS+Compass with u-blox component.
If I buy one of the moduls below can you provide me the Android-Linux driver ?

I would buy one of these moduls: .

  1. Are these moduls compatible with the (Linux-Android) driver ?
  2. Are there adjustments in the Linux-Android (Kernel) necessary ?
  3. Does the driver captures data through the USB interface ?
  4. Is it possible to change the profile in your u-blox component through the driver ?
  5. Is there a public Github repository for the app ( ?

Thanks in advance

Greeting from Germany

Why I dont get any response to my problem ?
I need a GNSS Driver for implementation of a gps module in Android OS.
U-Blox provide this driver to all his customers (see u-blox documentaion above).

I still hope for an answer.



Sorry for the late answer.

For maximizing your chances, you should also copy your request to u-blox forum there. In the meantime we will ask for the driver on our side as well.


thanks for your answer.
I tried communicating with u-blox throught email (sales and contact) channel and I even tried to call them without response.

The chances that u-blox answers questions in their forums is very low.

Try this app