Any compass sensor in RTK DP0601 GNSS?


I’d like to check whether RTK DP0601 GNSS module includes any compass sensor.

Thanks for your reply in advance.


DP0601 has no mag sensor.
However, our new Sirius F9P rover has one (LIS3MDL or RM3100)
(check it here :

Thank you for your reply.

Then, what are the differences between Sirius F9P rover and DP0601?

During using DP0601 in a drone, I found that I need an additional external compass sensor,
and would like to buy Sirius F9P rover if it works as same as DP0601.

The differences seemed to be:
1. Including magnetometer(compass sensor) or not
2. Including active GNSS Antenna or not

Is this right?
The reason I ask you this is, if other settings (e.g., UART port) I’m considering purchasing Sirius F9P rover model.

Hello there,

You are right, the new Sirius F9P Rover has an embedded active antenna and magnetometer.
It has the same output ports as the DP0601.