Arduino RTK Telemetry


I am trying to establish telemetry between two RTK NEO-M8P-2.
So the situation is following.

On Arduino i can read perfectly all the data extracted from the GPS, thats not a problem.
After following the settings in order to have DGPS i connected with a cable UART1 of both GPS modules. When i do that after some time on a bright day i received DGPS signal in U-center. Everything nice i am still able to read my data on arduino.

The problem comes when i try to establish wireless connection between two GPS modules. So what i tried is:
I took first two xbee modules paired and connected each one of them to RTK modules. RX from xbee to TX on GPS and the same thing on second GPS. It didnt send/recieve anything.
I also tried the same thing with 3dr telemetry. So from GPS TX i put to RX on telemetry… Also nothing happens.

When i tried to read telemetry from one GPS on my computer through other telemetry device all worked nice. I could see on computer what the BASE GPS is sending.

Could you please help what am i missing here. Why telemetry when connected to each one of two GPS modules doesnt send or recieve data between them?

Thanks in advance


Make sure you have configured the baudrates in accordance with your Xbee settings.

Also the connections should be should :

  • BASE : TX from GPS connected to Xbee’s RX (in order to send differential data)
  • ROVER : RX from GPS connected to Xbee’s TX (in order to receive differential data)

Can you confirm these two steps?


I have to apologize a bit i am once again trying to do the same thing so i refer to the same problem explained above. Last year i abandoed it since the time was limited.
All has been connected well as explained in the previous post. BASE - XBEE RX and ROVER to XBEE TX
The Xbee’s have been tested and they send proper information to each other.
RTK modules when connected with a cable between telemetries also get DGPS signal and the red LED flashes.

However now nothing happens xhen XBee’s should communicate betwen two GPS modules.
Both base and rover get a green led signal but the ROVER never receives corrections from BASE.

Has anybody done this before. Is there any special setting for XBee that has to be put while configuration.
I just configured the two Xbees to comunicate between each other with a same BAUD rate and of course with the same pan ID.