Best wifi link for Serius RTK GNSS Rover (M8P)

Hi all,

I’m currently experimenting with / assembling a drone system that has a Serius RTK module, whose information I would like to transfer to my base station via wifi (later we also want to stream wifi / read sensor data). I was wondering wether there is a recommended wifi system or setup?

Is it possible that a strong wifi signal will interfere with the Serius signal and decrease it’s accuracy? If so, what would be the best solution to still have a wifi signal with large range, whilst also having good RTK accuracy?

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Hi Tijmen,

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You can indeed connect any Wifi device to the Sirius Rover in order to receive the correction data from the ground base.

Radiofrequency interferencies are related to the selectivity of both antenna (transmitter & receiver) as well as the bandwidth (which is quite tight for this kind of application).

The receiver GNSS antenna is using L1 & L2 bands, the first one is around 1600MHz whereas the later is around 1200MHz. Therefore your WiFi application (2400 or 5800MHz WiFi) should not disturb the receiver.
Furthermore, the GNSS active antenna embedded is having a SAW filter to cut off frequencies other than the L1 & L2 bands.

However, I suggest you place both antennas (Sirius + WiFi) as far as you can from each other.

Long story short, disturbances are power / frequencies & antenna selectivity related, but in this case, due to the frequency gap between Wi-Fi & GNSS L1/L2 + active filtering solution, you should not get any issue at all.



Hi Paul,

A thanks! That makes sense.