Buying equipment to do both simulation and tethered only flying


I’m trying to find out what I need to buy in order to do simulation in Gazebo with px4. The Pixhawk 3 Pro would always be connected to a companion raspberry pi and any telemetry would be sent through the pi, not wirelessly.

What I thought I needed were just these two items:

Do I need others?

Regarding supplying power module:
I already have a variable DC power supply (30V, 5A max) with some banana to XT-60 cables so I can provide battery level voltage but I’m not sure how to properly power the Pixhawk 3 Pro. Since the power supply can handle up to a 6s battery would 24V be ok or should I limit it to 22V?

Regarding connecting to a simulator I have two unknowns:

  1. How do I connect the Pixhawk 3 Pro to my raspberry pi? I can already connect my pi to my dev computer.
  2. Using Mavlink how do I send commands to the Pixhawk 3 Pro and receive telemetry and debug data from from the Pixhawk 3 Pro? I do plan on purchasing the RTK+ GPS at a later date.

If the first question is all you can answer then I’ll just buy those two things. Thank you for your time.

24V seems to be ok with this kind of power module.
You can connect the Pixhawk 3 to your Raspberry with a serial communication.

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