Can i improve the capability of Tiny RTK?

Dear regards,

I’m filnally can using Tiny RTK normally, so it display RTK in MissionPlanner.
Using Pixhawk1 with 3.5.0 firmware, and Tiny RTK with latest firmware.

But it’s fluctuating between 3D dgps and RTK Float with very rarely reach RTK Fixed.
How can i improve the RTK GPS capabilities? so it can stable in RTK Fixed.
And in the flight test, i’m often see ‘Error Velocity Variance’ and ‘EKF Primary Changed:1’ message in MissionPlanner, is it because the GPS?

Really need all your help,


Can you describe your setup a little more :

  • what antennas are you using?
  • are you using a ground plane?
  • is there EMI on your setup?
  • using this antenna for Base, and this for Rover.

  • doesn’t use any ground plane

  • don’t know for sure, but i hope there isn’t.

It looks like your rover antenna can only receive GPS signals (not GLONASS, BEIDOU, etc…). That potentially halves the number of satellites you could see. I would recommend to use a better quality antenna.

Thank you so much for your respond Kevin,

I’m agree with that,
And already have a plan to buy better quality antenna, do u have recommendation of it? cheap antenna with good/best quality maybe.

In MavLink communication, Is there a possibility of losing/delaying correction data that sent by Base?
if there is, is it because of quality of SiKRadio too? or something else?

Tallysman antennas (you can find them on our shop) have a great quality/price ratio. They have a dual feed technology that ensures better multipath rejection and a high gain.

It is indeed possible to lose a MAVlink packet that contains differential corrections because of the RF environment. However, if not too frequent, this shouldn’t limit RTK performance as the algorithms are capable of holding the ambiguities for several tens of seconds.