Can I use XL RTK GPS module with Pixhawk 1?

Hi. I’m new here and could use some info for a project. I currently use Pixhawk 1 on a Flamewheel F550, which has flow successfully many times. I now want to upgrade to an RTK system and it looks like the XL RTK unit along with the XXL RTK ground station might do the job. Here’s my question: is the XL RTK a drop-in replacement for the 3DR style GPS units I have been using? These units interface to the Pixhawk with a 6-pin connector (DF-13 type) and include the GPS and compass signals.

  1. Are the pinouts the same?
  2. Does the XL have a compass?
  3. Are the data formats the same?

If NO to any of these questions, what mods do I have to make to get this to work?

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who has done this.


Hi Joe
I have a quite similiar problem like you. Currently I’m also using the pixhawk 1 flight controller.
Do you have any news about this?

Kind regards

I have not heard back from anyone about this question. Can anyone shed light on this???


Hello guys,

I can help you on the Drotek RTK products but I’m not sure to understand what you need.

Jerome: As I stated in my first post, I need to know what cable connects from the RTK to the Pixhawk, and what connector is used on the Pixhawk end?

Once I know that I can determine if I can use it.

I also need to know:

  1. Does the XL have a compass?
  2. Are the data formats the same?


Of course, the XL has a compass onboard and avalaible on I2C port. This GPS is compatible with all autopilot like Pixhawk family. You can solder your Pixhawk cable directly on the GPS.

Hi Jerome,
Thank your for your help.
So to summarize:
I could buy for example this set:

And then just crop the cable at the end of the sirius rover and solder the correct connector for the Pixhawk1(df-13).

Also I have a second question regarding the telemetry. At the moment I use a telemtry set which is connnected over the autopilot to the computer. Can I just use this and connect it to the rover/base or do I need a second telemetry set, just for the RTK?
If yes, where is the connector from the Sirius Rover? It can’t be seen on the pictures.

Thank you and kind regards

Yes you are right for both questions. You can replace the JST-GH connector by a DF13.
The second telemetry is not necessary since you can use the main one between the laptop and the Pixhawk.

Hi Jerome,
Thank you very much for your help!
Kind regards

You’re welcome!

Hi Jerome
I ordered an RTK kit and it already arrived, thanks!
To replace the connector I wanted to make sure the correct cabling, but it seems that the Drotek Documentation does not load any pictures. Could you please provide the wiring of the Sirius RTK (Rover)? Also I’m not sure how the GPS should be oriented, because I think the ublox chip has an arrow, which cannot be seen through the case.

Kind regards and thank you!

Oups sorry we have fixed the problem on the Docs. Let me know if you have further questions.

Dear Jerome,
Thank you for your help, I could connect the GPS to the Pixhawk 1 autopilot.

Just one small question, on the ublox chip, there is an arrow which shows towards the front of the drone. But I can see it because of the housing of the Sirius GPS. Could you please tell me how I should align the GPS? (I know, you can change the settings in qgroundcontrol how it is alligned, but I would prefer to attach it correct from the beginning.)

Kind regards and thank you!grafik

The cable of the Sirius GPS must be directed to the back of the drone.