Cannot get uart2 to send data to pixhawk 3 pro

I have set the uart2 to output rtcm3 at the below baud rate :

. However when I plug it into the pixhawk 3 pro it does not give me any data. How can I get this to work? Am I missing a step here?


The pixhawk autopilot configures automatically all the GPS appropriate registers. Therefor there is no need for you to set these prior using the GPS.

Even though you did not mention the product involved here I will then assume this is an F9P GPS, hence please have a look at the related datasheet available on our store or click here for the DP0601 datasheet :

You will notice UART1 & UART2 Rx & Tx lanes are swapped. To use the device with a Pixhawk I suggest you to tie up the UART1 to the GPS port of the Pixhawk.

Thank you for that response. I am also curious why my gps loses its gps lock quite often. Is there a solution for this that I can configure on u-center? I am walking around with the gps at a slow walking pace, and it goes from blinking green to blinking green if I move too far or move too fast. Guidance on this would highly appreciated.

What are the values you changed from the default parameters in u-center ?
Without getting any info about either your setup or the configuration used, it is quite tough for the community to help.