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Can't Fly with RTK

I am unable to arm my drone when using in RTK mode. After the survey is finished, it allows me to arm in Stabilized mode, but not in Position Hold or Mission mode, both of which require GPS. The error I receive is “Pre Arm check failed: GPS accuracy too low” or “Reject Position Hold”. The VDOP seems to be varying from 1-4 when the RTK bubble is white. It is fairly stable at ~1.5 while the survey is being carried out which indicates that there is a good GPS coverage present. If I unplug the RTK base and restart QGC, these errors go away and I can fly just fine. Here is a flight log from one of these attempts:

I am using the Pixhawk 3 Pro and the F9P survey kit on a DJI F450 copter. Has anyone been able to fly with the F9P RTK system? How good was your positioning accuracy?