Checking RTK status through UBX protocol

I’m using Neo-M8P RTK (XL version).
I’m trying to check whether RTK mode is enabled throguh UBX protocol, but could not find corresponding value to it in UBX protocol.
I’m using PVT message and custom parsing through serial port (I’m not using uCenter).
I could not find required message in uBlox documentation.
Can you tell me how I can check RTK status using UBX protocol?

RTCM just sent over the port. It is a binary packet so it is not so simple the decode it.
Simpliest way to check if it OK if you connect your module via USB to a PC and run uCenter (it is free)
in Message View UBX-RXM-RTCM (RTCM input status) you will see if RTCM messages receives. You can see number of messages received and even if CRC error happened.

Also important to check the age of correction. That can be seen in NMEA - GxGGA message.

If you do not want to use uCenter then with a quite big effort you must either write UBX protocol decoder or/and RTCM protocol/message decoder too.


Hi K.W

sorry, I misunderstood your question. I thought you want to check if RTCM correction is sent or not. Now I understand you want to check over on UBX messages if the board (base) is entered into RTK (TIME) mode (means survey-in is finished and started to send RTCM messages).
It should be in UBX message but unfortunately I cannot tell you more. (would need to be understand then decode UBX protocol /at least NAV-PVT message/)