Collecting RINEX via UART on F9P rover

Is it possible to collect RINEX data from the F9P rover?

I would be looking to connect UART1 to a bluetooth module so that the RINEX data can be fed into a tablet running rtklib, and would also want UART2 to output RINEX to a serial SD card logger so that this data is logged in the absence of an active bluetooth connection to the tablet.


Yes, you can collect RINEX data via UART1. UART2 is not viable since it only accepts RTCM and NMEA protocols and not UBX messages.

Hello Wreck,

I try to do basically samething as you tried.
I am trying to get the data out on UART1 and I am using UART2 for the RTK correction with a 433M transceiver. I am testing the F9P module with the USB port connected to a computer.

Have you been able to connect an SD card datalogger to the UART2 or a BT module to UART 1 to collect Rinex data?
Is there a special configuration you did on the F9P module?