Configuration fails with latest firmware

I’ve updated my DP0601 module with the latest u-blox firmware (1.13), but now when I try to upload the Drotek config in u-center (and skip the version warning), it seems to send some messages successfully but then fails due to “message rejected”. Any idea what happened? Is there anywhere I can find a list of the non-default configuration settings so I can configure it manually?

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I tested the F9P module with the latest firmware and the configuration works certainly fine. Did you have any issues with the satellites/signals?

If you want the non-default configuration, you can find it on this ublox link:
Read the configuration file carefully and perform the actions accordingly.

Go to ‘View’ on the main menu, and select ‘Generation 9 Configuration View’ in the drop down menu. In the new window, select on ‘Advanced Configuration’ and choose the necessary protocol as listed on the configuration file below…

Configuration file:

When configuration file is updated manually into the system, it is mandatory to select BBR (Battery Backed RAM) along with the selection of RAM and flash.

Once completed, select ‘Send’ to read and store the file.

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So just to be clear, the files F9P Rover config C99.txt and F9P Base config C99.txt in the repo you linked should contain the same settings as the configs from the tutorial?

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The settings are different as you have to modify the survey-in, baudrate, ports settings manually.

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