Connecting 3dr 915mhz telemetry radio to Escadrone 3dr Solo

I have replaced the 433mhz radio with a 3dr 915mhz radio to be in compliance with US laws. I want to install the other telemetry radio on the drone. There is special info though because I am running an Escadrone Solo with companion computer (raspberry pi). What is the best way to connect this?

By the way I am using tiny rtk with base and rover- I replaced the telemetry on the base station already and have installed the rtk gps on the drone just want to finish the telemetry on the drone.

Is your differential data going through companion computer?
Are you not using SoloLink?

I assumed that the antenna on the base had to be connected via telemetry radio is Solo capable of doing this on its own?

Companion computer is used for geotagging images from Sony QX1

The typical workflow is to connect the base station to Ground Control Station via USB. Then your GCS encapsulates differential data inside SoloLink.

Are you using a Ground Control Station? Or do you have everything inside your companion computer?