Connecting RTK to Odroid XU4 via UART

Hi everyone,

I’m using the 433 MHz Radio Telemetry kit paired through USB with an Odroid XU4 computer on my drone. I have noticed recently that the connection sometimes cannot be established at initialisation/start-up or fails and does not recover during the flight. I’m inclined to blame the unreliable USB connection. Therefore, I would like to try to connect the telemetry module directly to Odroid’s UART interface. Here are my concerns about that:

  1. Do I understand correctly that the RTK UART operates at 5V? (Because somewhere in the documentation it’s said that the RF chip itself works at 3.3V)

  2. Odroid XU4 UART operates at 1.8V, therefore a level shifter is required. In order to use one I need to power the RTK module independently somehow. Would you think it’s possible to use a 5V pin on the board to power the RTK module and connect to HV input of a level shifter at the same time?

I am very far from being an electronics expert and would appreciate any help or advice.