Connecting telemetry 433 MHz kit to dropix


Is there any manual for the connection of the $·· telemetry kit to the dropix? I have a connection cable but I don´t find how to connect with the board.
The kit has pins 5V-RX-TX-CTS-RTS-GND but I don´t see how to connect this side with the dropix.

Thanks in advance



I advise you to read the docs of Dropix (
Don’t hesitate if you have question.

Jerome I tried that first. If I am asking for help is because I did not find any document about that.
At this point there is a diagram about the telemetry kit which is a diferent kit I bought and connectors are diferent as well.


Can you give me the link of your telemetry please?

If you see the images of the product there are some diferent cables. They are not consistent

You can connect the TX of Telemetry to the RX of the Dropix and the RX on the TX.
Then you have to connect the 5V of telemetry and Dropix together. Do the same with GND.

Ok then. But the cables I have received are not correct. There should be a cable/s to make these connections one by one.
Thanks for the information.


Can you create a ticket on please?
We just to explain the trouble and we will find a solution.
Sorry for the annoyance.

OK. NO problem.