Crooked Accelerometer

Good afternoon,

I have purchased several of your F9P RTK units with the internal RM3100. I am very pleased with the GPS accuracy and performance however lately I’ve run into some issues with the accelerometers on the bottom side of the GPS board. As you can see from the picture they are mounted extremely crooked. I have at least 4 units that look like this.

When the accels are off level by this much it really messes with my aircraft. Last week I put a brand new F9P on my aircraft got everything calibrated and the ground/speed would just keep creeping up and up while the aircraft was sitting still (up to 600MPH). I opened the GPS looked at the accels (which were very crooked) and switched out the F9P to another new one with more level accels and the issue went away.

Why are these so crooked?
Do you expect it to be an issue when calibrating an aircraft?
Do you consider all these units defective?

Any info would be very helpful.

Good day,
i thought to purchase the same module but after i saw your pic i will not invest money and time for a defective board even it can be fix adjusting the bias.
I will look for a different module… thank you for your info

Hi there, it is quite unfortunate to experience such an issue on the board. All the products pass through a quality control check before realising it to the store.
I have informed the production department and we will ensure that this does not happen again.
Please open a ticket at the SAV Drotek electronics along with the Order reference:
Thank you and have a nice day.

Good day, many times I’ve try to speak with somebody of your customer service for have some info about the module I was going to buy… but no response founding out the poor customer service.

Sorry about that. Sometimes, we are away but you will receive a respond as soon as possible, did you enter your email address on the bot?
Sincere apologies for the experience on receiving late messages.

Good day, i received also an email for ask suggestions but also there no response.
So until know im in doubt if I’ve still the intention to purchase that module… its very promising but ive to consider some factors

Certainly, can you send me a message on the chat with your email address to see the history of your messages/request, please? I will reach back to you. Thank you and have a nice day.

looking at my email… ive ask info about the module on the 19.07.2021.
After this I’ve also written to erase my account coz i don’t have interest to spend time for have a treatment like happened

Sorry again Dave_84, I’m unable to see your message on that date. However, my sincere apologies in this matter. Feel free to pose your questions anytime, I will assist you as much as I can. Thank you.

Good day, this is the screenshot about my kind request.
For now I’ve opt for another manufacturer which is able to provide a good support… discounts… etc.
In the future maybe I will consider Drotek agian.


Thank you for the post. We have somehow missed your request. However, we will improve our portal for better experience with us. Thank you for your understanding.

sad to say but you lost a customer.
Thank you for your time and response.

Hi there,

The supposed mis-alignment of the x-component for the RM3100 (as labelled on the PCB) does not cause any errors on the measurements. This inductor is measuring the X axis as shown in the attachment, and the x-component is aligned with the X-axis anyway.
En plus, the outputs of the RM3100 x,y,z components have the same range of values (scaling factor).

x_component of RM3100

I hope this is fine.

Thank you and have a nice day.