Current sensor shows high value

I have a similar issue than reported with forum post
On my new Beast the Dropix reads a current of 16A while the measured current by a multimeter is 0.5A.
Settings are as usual - 38 ampere per volt on the battery monitor.

I have checked all cables again and connection between power module pro and the Dropix FC is correct.
It’s the first time i see this behaviour on such a setup (it’s my third copter with Propix FC and Drotek power module).

Any ideas?
Thank you,

Have you armed the Dropix please?

Hi Jerome,
sorry for the late reply. The issue is also after arming/when flying.
I just checked one of the DataFlash Logs from last flight day. CURR is showing a max value of 3851 which is 38,51Ampere at 100% throttle. While expectation is that it is around 180Ampere.
I know that is at the limit of the PDB.
To me this really looks strange since on one hand the current is too high when it should be low and on the other hand it’s too low if it should be high.
I’m just thinking of if i should add the200A Sensor i still hav laying around. But i have space limited on the copter.

Are you sure your consumption is above 38A? I see you have a tiny drone.

Yes i am. At full throttle one Flyduino X2208v2 motor is draining ~22A with the HQ5x4.5BN at 4S. In my case this would mean ~176A overall. I checked also with a 100A Amperemeter i have and it’s above the 100A range.
Flight video

Have you followed the wiki ?
The amper per volt is 54.6

Hi Jerome,
i checked the settings for Amperes per volt and they were at 38. That was the mentioned at your wiki at least in June when i did the setup (and the print out).

I changed it now to 54.6 as mentioned by you and the current is showing 45.45 while the reality is ~1.5A.

That means i have ~0.8V on the ADC input while it should be ~0.03V.
The question is where this additional Volts are coming from. It’s my third copter with the Drotek power module, but the first one i have issues with. On the other two with no issues i have the previous version of the power module with the pin connection between the two boards. I like this design much better than the new one with the wire connection, btw.

The new version has the same components than the old. We have removed the connectors because the customers doesn’t want too high between the 2 PCB of the power module.
We will work on a new design with a hall sensor because it’s more reliable and accuracy.

If you have a difference between your power modules then you can send us back which one is faulty.
We will test it and let you know. You can create a ticket on