Data Logging with Arduino & F9p Base

Since there is no memory card with the F9P base do you have a Arduino IDE sketch or other code for a user to log the RAW data from the F9P Base? (specifically need to use the Arduino … Not a PC with U-Center)


At Drotek we provide hardware solutions so that people are able to make their own setup.
Using the F9P UART (Rx & Tx) pins you are able to communicate with any microcontroler, not specifically Arduino boards.
However, we are thinking about making a Raspberry Pi interface so that people can easily record data. using a small form factor device.

In the meantime I advise you to have a look around the internet. It should not be that hard to find some UART Arduino sketch that may fit your needs.

EDIT: after a quick 3min search I found this :
then add a little piece of code using the SD card library to store the values and voilà.

Thank you for your kind response. I will try the simple solution a arduino MKR 1010 (it has a Pi Zero W size) with a SAM-M8Q I have laying arounds as the example in your web link shows. However, I do prefer just buying a nice prepackaged solution like the F9P base and logging the data.