Direction / gps compass

If i use the RTK mode and have two M8P’s connected do I get a digital compass direction ?

e.g the direction along to from the one M8P to the other one?

Yes, its Movingbase Mode.
The moving baseline (MB) RTK mode differs from the standard RTK mode in that it does not require the reference to be stationary at a known location. In MB RTK mode, both the reference station and rover receivers can move while computing a centimeter-level accurate 3D vector between them. This is ideal for applications where the relative position offset between two moving vehicles is required such as, for example, the follow-me feature on a UAV.

Moving base mode allows reporting of highly accurate position, heading direction and baseline information. The heading direction reported by (advanced) moving base mode is the course between north direction and baseline vector (from base antenna to rover antenna) direction, so called azimuth. To get both highly accurate position and heading direction information, advanced moving base mode needs totally 3 receivers: