Dp0303 active or passive antenna

I already have a M8T / lis3mdl, bought 9 months ago. I am considering the purchase of the model DP0303, can it replace the older one without modification of my application software?
The documentation indicates the possibility of connecting a passive or active antenna. I do not see any available connector. Is there?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Gerard,

Unfortunately this item DP0303 does not offer any active antenna connector as you suggested.
We only sell passive antenna GPS. If you want to get an active antenna GPS device, I advise you to go for the DP0102 GNSS (https://store.drotek.com/DP0102) and then plug in any active antenna you want such as TW4721 (https://store.drotek.com/gpsglonassbeidougalileo-tw4710-tallysman-antenna) or TW2712 (https://store.drotek.com/tw2710-tallysman-antenna). But this device does not have any embedded magnetometer.
Otherwise you can order the Sirius GNSS (https://store.drotek.com/sirius-gnss) which is composed of an LIS3MDL magnetometer + active antenna.
Have a nice day

Hi Paul,
Thank you very much for your prompt and accurate feedback. I test my Rover Rtklib today with a M8T+LIS3MDL and I will know if I have to buy the model with active antenna.
Have a good day.

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