DP0503 min input signals (power supplies etc) to make it a rover

I am trying to get a quick understanding of what I need to do to use the DP0503 as a rover. My questions are quite basic

  1. What input signals (power supply inputs etc) do I need to give the DP0503 so that it can be used as a rover (on a moving asset). I’m assuming I only need to give it power supplies, but would like clarification
  2. I am assuming that the rover can communicate wirelessly to the base and I can then read the corrected position of the rover on my PC attached to the case. The PC will be running U-Centre software, which I’m assuming will be able to give me the position of the rover.

I’d be grateful if any more experienced users could confirm the above understanding is correct (or not as the case may be). Any further explanation of these basic concepts would be a big help for me at this stage also



Both assumptions are correct.

  1. You can plug the DP0503 to the moving computer (via USB) to supply power to the board.
    Otherwise you can plug any other power supply able to provide a 5V-200mA to the unit.

  2. You are able to gather positionning informations onto the on-board computer from the Rover using u-center

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your helpful reply.

I have configured the base according to the instructions on the drotek site. I have also configured the rover according to the instructions on the same site.

My ‘rover’ tag will, in fact be mostly stationary in the application

1.So I have my rover tag on the piece of machinery I’m trying to tag. This now has only a 5v supply in at the connector marker ‘rover’ (I’m using DP0503 as the rover). No other connections to the

  1. My base is connected (via usb cable) to a PC running u-centre

  2. I now want to see the position of the rover on the PC attached to the base running u-centre. I’m not sure how to do this. I am assuming that the rover must be able to communicate with the base,
    tell it its corrected position, and I should be able to use the PC connected to the base and running u-centre to tell me the rover position, but I don’t know how to get this in u-centre

I hope that I’ve explained the situation clearly, and would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction to get the information I need. Apologies if these seem very basic or stupid question,
however I am very new to rtk and gps.

Kind Regards,


Hello Gordon,

That sounds a legit question, not a stupid one.

However, you cannot see the rover position from the base point of view.
The base is only there to send out correction data, it does not receive any data from the rover.

Though - point 7 - from this file from U-blox (https://www.u-blox.com/en/beyond/blog/innovation/11-things-you-probably-didn’t-know-about-u-center) suggests that you may be able to monitor the rover data from any computer on the same local network (including the one used along with the base)

But unfortunately I never managed to get it working…

Usually the easiest way for me to achieve what you are willing to do, is I either use the “remote desktop” app natively supported by windows 10 or Teamviewer software. Nonetheless both solutions are using a wifi network which is of course, a range limited telecommunication protocol.

Hope it helped