DP0503 RTK GNSS (XL M8P) accuracy and survey-in time

Hello, I am looking for a performance specification sheet on the DP0503 RTK GNSS (XL M8P). Do you have a specification or datasheet that goes into detail on performance specifications such as RTK accuracy and time to warm up? I am looking into integrating a DP0503 rover and base system which will primarily use PX4 and QGroundControl.

This describes the performance of the M8P:

There are a lot of interesting things for the M8P here.

Thanks for the response. Page 6 of the NEO-M8P datasheet has what I am looking for. Have the RTK specs on page 6 of the NEO-M8P datasheet been validated with the DP0503?

Also, the product page for the DP0503 has a link to the NEO-M8 datasheet that does not include the NEO-M8P.

Ublox only have M8P series is NEO-M8P.
Drotek says it uses the NEO-M8P-2 chip (new type).

There has been a lot of RTK testing with M8P in the world since 2016. The M8P will still perform well (even though the F9P was released a few years ago).
Not much known about the antenna they are using for DP0503. . It uses an active antenna, with a large PCB surface that acts like a ground-plane to increase gain when receiving satellite signals and minimize multipath effects. The perforated alloy the main CHIP guard with baffles is like a faraday cage to absorb and suppress shortwaves that interfere with the entire board.
The satellite signal strength above + 38dBi is good enough for outdoor RTK projects.

I also like their Tiny M8P , it allows me to replace my other survey antennas with the SMA connector.