DP0601 as a moving base

I would like to details regarding ZED-F9P as a moving base.

  1. What are the criteria for minimum distance between the antenna for this application?
  2. Does Arducopter support for this application?
  3. Do you have performance comparison for ZED-F9P as a moving base vs stationary base?


Hi Deep,

  1. We are currently doing some tests using the moving base config. As the devices are cm level accurate, the heading accuracy depends on the distance. Longer the distance, the better is the heading precision.

  2. We are not aware about what are doing Ardupilot. Ask them directly if you need any info.

  3. We will expose the results as soon as possible. But for now, it looks very promising

Arducopter 4.0.4 has good support for the F9P moving base. The distance between antennas is dependent on the heading accuracy required as shown in this plot from u-blox:

Also, there is new firmware for the F9P that just became available that improves solution rate and robustness.

Indeed, if you are considering a maximum 1cm deviation for both antennas you get approximately this :