DP0601 (F9P) RTK base and rover setup connection / wiring


I bought 2 pieces of the DP0601 (ZED F9P) module and I want to use them as an RTK base and rover pair. The base is a standing base with unknown location. I want to test the RTK first with simple wire connection, but I didn’t find any clear wiring diagram for this usage. How should I connect the 2 modules with their serial ports?

I found the base and rover configuration files for my modules. Are these files good for my solution?

Base and rover are set to 5Hz update rate and 115200 baudrate.

In the future I would like to make the RTK connection with 2 pieces of HC12 wireless serial module. Is there anything that doesn’t allow these setup to work?

Thanks for your help!

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You can find some relevant informations from the DP0601 datasheet here :

Simply connect both DP0601 UART2 port one to each other (make sure to twist Rx/Tx cables between those two)

Afterwards you can follow up this little tutorial guide on how to upload the right config files into each and every DP0601

Thanks for your help!
Should I connect somewhere the EXTINT and TIMEPULSE pins too?
Or is it enough to just connect the SERIAL and GROUND pins?


No need to connect EXTINT and/or TIMEPULSE
Indeed you can simplly use the SERIAL and GND pins