DP0601 RTK GNSS (XL F9P) general info

I have a few question about this product:

  • Could you please confirm that the module outputs the GPS PPS signal on the 5th pin of the TELEM/RTCM3 port (named TIMEPULSE)?
  • Is there any difference between the UART1 HOST port and the UART2 RTCM3 port? Any difference in protocols applicable to the two ports? Are they both compatible with NMEA protocol?
  • In order to implement an RTK system I need another module to act as base station: how does the communication between the two modules works? Do you provide radio modems for this module? If yes, which protocol is used to communicate between radio modems?
  • Is it possible to have a 3D model of the product without the case?

Thank you very much,

Hello Matteo,

  • Indeed there is a TIMEPULSE output pin on the last board version
  • They are both compatible with NMEA protocol
  • The communication between the two modules is made over UART COM Ports. Thus you can plug any telemetry kit you want that is able to communicate as fast as the data rate you have setted using u-center.
    The protocol used to communicate with the telemetry kit is serial UART, afterwards the communication protocol between the modems is modem dependant.
  • It might be possible to have the 3D step model of the board. Send me a ticket clicking here and fill in the form : https://drotek.com/contact-drotek/after-sale-service/

Have a nice day,


Hi Paul_T,
Thank you very much for your answer, it is very helpful.

I sent you a ticket as you suggested for the 3D step model.
Best regards,