Dp0601 rtk gnss (xl f9p)

Hi there
What is the advantage of the DP0601 RTK GNSS (XL F9P) module? Do I still need an additional base with this RTK?
Best Armin

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Hi Armin, and welcome to the forum.

RTK means Real Time Kinematics and therefore you need a base to get a centimeter level accuracy.
Without a base, F9P will act as a traditionnal GPS.

However, you can manage to get some free RTK correction data stream from http://www.rtk2go.com/ if there is a base nearby your location (within 10 to 20km).

Furthermore, you may use two F9P, one acting as a Base, the other one as a Rover.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the answer. I see, so when is this module available? Is it difficult to configure as a rover or base? What other advantages compared two Pixhawk 3 PRO ready RTK…?(https://store.drotek.com/pixhawk-3-pro-ready-rtk-gnss-kit-m8p)

Last question, can I connect the Dp0601 to pixhawk 4 mini?

thanks, best Armin

Hi Armin,

The modules should be available newt week.

I advise you to take a look at our DP0601 documentation to discover more about our modules :

It is not very hard to configure both modules as a base or a rover. I have made some additional tutorials on the link above.

The PX4 stack does not include any DP0601 driver, but it should be released very soon. Therefore in the meantime, nothing will happen if you plug the DP0601 to the pixhawk. Stay tuned to PX4 updates and/or PX4 git repository, to know more when it will be released.

However, you can use it as standalone GPS RTK using a telemetry kit to be able to stream correction data from the base to the rover.

Eventually, DP0601 (F9P) is a big step forward compared to old M8P modules. DP0601 is using a multiband frequency L1/L2 technology which improves position accuracy and lower drastically the ‘Time To First Fix’ (TTFF) to a couple of seconds (around 2 to 10 min for old M8P products).

If you need more information please feel free to ask.

Hi Paul,
Just had a look at documentation. This means we can use it as standalone GPS RTK with telemetry without an autopilot? So just to read out position data with mission-planner or any other application? This would be a nice feature, since we want to measure just some ground control points very accurate for architectural planning. Is it possible to connect telemetry by RFD868 since I need a min. 10km range.

Whats the range of your 500mW telemetry set?

Could we use this one as standalone as well? without autopilot?

Hi there,

I’ve just tested this module and results are very good. Since I need this module for drone application I have few questions:

  1. Do you plan to produce tiny version of this module as you have n8p DP0501? Smaller and lighter version would be really appreciated.
  2. Is this huge EMI shielding really necessary and why do you have it? I don’t find it as a common thing on gps modules.

The F9P module is bigger than M8P Tiny module since the ZED-F9P chip is bigger too! :slight_smile:
The EMI shielding is a protection against the electromagnetic perturbations and it’s been able to have a good quality of GPS signal.
We are working on a new F9P module with an active antenna for drone applications. Keep in touch!!

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