DP0601 UART1 or UART2

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In the document DrotekDoc_ 0891B08A Rev1.1 of Figure 5 «Two DP0601 used in a moving base configuration», UART1 base and UART1 rover are connected.

1.Is this correct or should UART2 and UART2 be connected?

  1. Both modules can be powered from the same USB input (5V-500mA)?

Thanks in advance for your clarification on my question.

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Hi Dmitriy,

  1. The communication link between the two DP0601 via the UART1 ports in the document is correct. But, you must ensure that the Tx Rx Base station is connected to the Rx Tx Rover station. You will have to inverse the Tx Rx cables to the Rover station.
    You can similarly attempt the same for the UART2 Base station to UART2 Rover station.

  2. Yes, you can certainly connect the base station with a USB and the rover station can be powered via the 5V of the JST-GH 6 pins cable.

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