DP0801 compass is not recognized

I have a DP0801 (NEO-M9N GNSS + LIS3MDL compass XL) connected to a Pixhawk cube on Telemetry port 1. GPS works fine, but the magnetometer is not recognized. I double checked the cables, which seem to be ok since it works fine with the compass on an older Drotek n8n module. I tried it with the Arducopter 4.0.7 and the PX4 controller code w/o success.
Is there another way to check if my m9n is defective?

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Hi there, you can try with the QGroundControl (QGC) software to test the embedded mag?
Connect the DP0801 GNSS module to the Pixhawk and then connect this setup to a computer to open QGC.
QGC >> Analyse (@TaskToolbar) >> Mavlink Console >> lis3mdl status

I hope this helps. Thank you.

The issue is that the lis3mdl compass is deactivated by default in Arducopter 4.x.
If you activate it in BRD_COMPASSTYPE it works.

Noted. Thank you so much for the response.