Dropix do not found any comport


I got my dropixpaket this week and try to install. I am running a lot of Pixhawks and Pixhacks, so I now howe to connect and configure it.

But the dropix want talk on 3 different computers with mission planner, it do not found any comport. The LED are flashing (with or withourt powermodul) but nothing happens. Same computer, same USB cable connect a Pixhawk or pixhawk --> direct connect. So I am really spechless. I have no ideas whya this is not working. Any ideas ???


Did you install a Micro Sd in Dropix slot ?

Of colurse. As I wrote, I am running a lot of Pixes, and every one works fine ecxept the Dropix :frowning:


By chance are you able to read console on debug port? There is a chance that pressure sensor prevents the board from booting.