Dropix: No connection with Arduplane by telemetry

Hey DroTek-Guys

Congratulation to the awsome board. Especially that you change the layout and leave the connectors alone. I really prefer soldering everything!

But there are also some problems.

Connection by USB works perfect. And I load ArduPlane 3.0.3. Connecting then with a telemery-module like from 3dr, there is no connection. After timeout, I have a “no heartbeat packets received”.

I then load ArcuCopter 3.1.5 - and the Connection was there - slow but stable! Tried also with another Pix, a RTFhawk. The same. No connection with AP 3.0.3, connection with 3.1.5.

In the following, I tried AP 3.0.1. With RTFhawk I had connection, but with DroPix still NO CONNECTION.

Well, there seams to be a general bug with AP 3.0.3. But why is a difference from your Pix to the other “clone” with the older FW? Is there any possibility to fix it? I tried also an older Version (2.xy???) without success. Thats bad to be, because the DroPix goes to a plane - or should go…

What I remarked: the leds on the telemetry with AC are like this: green is stable (has to…). The red led is flickering periodically without connection (and shows the traffic when connected). With AP, the red led is different. the flickering is very dark. It like there is not enough power to it, or to fast blinking. I dont know how to describe. You have to look very very good to see the flickering.

What I also remarked: When powered by battery (I tested with a Power Supply at 12V with enough Amps), one red led of the DroPix is also very dark (that one close to the MC). When connected by usb, this led lights normal.

Do you have any ideas what to do?

Thanks and regards,

What kind of telemetry module are you using ?
You may use a 6 wire module…
If not, take a look to my post : viewtopic.php?f=11&t=209&start=435#p1794
(it’s in french but, you just need to follow pictures)

You need to add CTS wire and configure your 3rd radio module with “low latency” configuration (you can use 3DRradio configurator GUI, Inside Mission planner)

If you wants you can upgrade 3DRadio module Firmware, it is not necessary for now.
it’s just for the next PX4 arducopter , wich add some new features (not supported yet).

Thanks wareck

I’m online now with AP 3.0.3!!!

But there is one drawback. I can not set “low latency”. The ground module accepts it, but doing it with the air-module, I have an error setting the param. Why is it nessecary?

No , for now it is not necessary.
I’ll try to explain (sorry for my English)

When arduplane is ported to 32 bit for PX4, telemetry frame where send too fast (that’s why, adding CTS wire, make synchro and slow down frame rate)

For now, powerful CPU on PX4 is used at 30%, for next version, devlopers will add some new features.
Instead to slow down telemetry flow, they start to make some new feature, to improve signal strengh, and speed refresh rate on ground station.

Low latency allow high speed frame on telemetry, but for now, frame were not full of data. so there is no difference.

For next software version it will be interesting to enable it because, frame will be bigger and send more data.

But there is lot of work on source code, so it is not for tomorrow, may in several mounth…

Thanks again!

So I can continue with my testing and fitting in the plane.