Dropix: "no MS5611 found"

Last year I used my Dropix on a Y6 frame without any issues. After 9 months of inactivity I moved the Dropix to a new frame and now a problem occured - I was not able to connect it to mission planner, not under win7 nor under XP. After endless fiddling I used the wizard and was able to upload a new firmware. Now I am stuck at the accel calibration. Moving over to QGround Control I get an error message: “check brd_type: no ms5611 found”. As I read on an older thread this prevents the dropix from booting? I can`t imagine the baro is broke - it sat on the bench for months - this must be a software problem, right? Any help is highly appreciated…


I think the MS5611 is dead. Can you create a ticket on the site and send us back the Dropix please?