Dropix Overcurrent

Dear Drotek Team,

While attempting to test the FrSky X4R receiver, my Dropix died.
After powering up, smoke came out of the Dropix case and I quickly disconnected the battery.
It is likely, that I connected the 5 V on the Dropix Servo Rail with the 5 V on the Receiver but unfortunately also the Ground Pin of the Receiver to the Signal Pin of the Dropix. (Only 2 wires, the Signal Pin of the receiver was not yet connected)

As the attached picture clearly shows, the component “AL oW5n” was destroyed. What exactly is this component? Is it some kind of fuse?

The Dropix was connected to the PowerModulePro with both 5 V sources.

Now, no LED lights up and a USB connection is impossible.

What are my chances, that this is the only killed part of the circuit?
If it is quite likely, I would try to replace the killed SMD component and hopefully end up with a working board.

Best Regards


Hi Michael,

We can change the diode for you if you need. Create a ticket here drotek.com/tickets please