Dropix schematics

Are there Dropix schematics somewhere?

Interested in connection diagram between connector and microcontroller.

I need some GPIO input (as !GPIO_EXT on original Pixhawk) so I want to understand which connector pin may I use and which CPU’s pin it corresponds to.

Thank you very much for reply! Did not notice your github page earlier.

Some little questions:

  1. Has CANBus taken out to connector?
  2. Do AD1 and AD2 pins noted as FMU_AUX_ADC1 and FMU_AUX_ADC2 on schematic?

What is the version of your Dropix please? Give me your email. I will send you the schematics.

@jerome Hi I’m about to design a Motherboard to take two Dropix and a Decision Control Board. Could you provide me with the schematics of Dropix 2.0 as well?

MP sent

Hello to all, new to this forum but experienced Dropix user
Can you send me the schematic of the 2.1 board too
thamk you very much

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Thank you very much, i will read it with pleasure