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Drotek drofly v4

Hi, I bought DROTEK DROFLY V4 at Christmas and I’m starting to work with it but the software that is indicated in the manual can not be downloaded in any way nor can I find it on the internet. Please, I have paid € 50 for this product and I would like to be able to use it. Thank you.

Indeed, fernitronix servers seems to be shut-down.
Did you try this link from Wareck ?
Click on the “Clone or download” green tab and then go back to the ‘install’ subsection of our doc.

Hi Paul, thank you so much for the code.
I have tested de RC with the Multiwii GUI and it works but actually i cant manage to make the esc work. I have simnonK firmware ESC (AfroESC 12V).
Also i dont know exactly what are the steps to proper configure the Flight Controller and test it.
If u can help me a bit with this i will be so gratefull.
Thank You.