Drotek F9P Rover Low Satellite Count


We have been using 2 of the Drotek-F9P-Rover modules on our drone to achieve an accurate heading via a moving baseline setup. We are using a Pixhawk cube and have followed the instructions found here: GPS for Yaw (aka Moving Baseline) — Copter documentation

In order to make this work, we have to extend the factory wires and replace the 6pin UART connector with an 8pin connector to work on the GPS1 port of the pixhawk cube. Pixhawk cube pinout is shown below.

Before mounting the units on the pixhawk, I plug in via USB and connect thru u-Center to confirm that the unit is functioning as it should and getting a good GPS signal.

I’ve now run into the same issue twice where, once mounting on our drone, the unit will function properly the first day with a high satellite count (26+). I come out the next day to do some testing and the unit now gets fewer than 10 satellites. I have 1 unit where it no longer shows ANY satellites in u-Center. I have tried reverting the configuration back to default AND re-flashing the 1.13 firmware, with no luck. With the unit that shows no satellites, I cannot even re-flash the firmware.

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated. I have customers that are waiting on deliveries but I can’t in good faith send these drones out with the problem continually occurring. My fear is that I will have a working GPS unit one day and it will stop working entirely the next day.

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Hi there, can you please open a ticket for further assistance on this matter: https://electronics.drotek.com/?page_id=7156