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Drotek Power Unit Pro Voltage&Current Sensors

Hi there,

I received this week the PowerUnit Pro and I want to install 2 4S/6S batteries on a plane with Drotek Pixhawk Pro. I didn’t find anywhere the Voltage divider and the Amps/Volt values. How can I measure the battery with this fine sensors?

I need the values for both sensors because I will have 2 batteries.

Thank you very much


All the informations are available from our online product page
And the related online gitbook documentation weblink which is also provided into the same product page, that can be found here :

Hi Paul,

I know the docs but I don’t get the right values. For example with those values (Voltage divider 15.9, A/V 37.51) I have with only pixhawk connected 3-4 amps