Drotek Power Unit Pro Voltage&Current Sensors

Hi there,

I received this week the PowerUnit Pro and I want to install 2 4S/6S batteries on a plane with Drotek Pixhawk Pro. I didn’t find anywhere the Voltage divider and the Amps/Volt values. How can I measure the battery with this fine sensors?

I need the values for both sensors because I will have 2 batteries.

Thank you very much


All the informations are available from our online product page https://store-drotek.com/890-power-management-unit-pro.html
And the related online gitbook documentation weblink which is also provided into the same product page, that can be found here : https://drotek.gitbook.io/power-management-unit-user-guide/

Hi Paul,

I know the docs but I don’t get the right values. For example with those values (Voltage divider 15.9, A/V 37.51) I have with only pixhawk connected 3-4 amps