Drotek product question

I have a question about this product.

Is this product suitable for swarm flight?

We plan to keep the distance between drones about 5m.

Are there any radio interferences between other drones in close proximity?

What is the telemetry range?

Very many drones fly at 5m intervals, while the telemetry range must be at least 1km.

If you need to send RTCM from 1 Base to (N) Rovers, you need to use Broadcast mode.
However, if you send NMEA from (N) Rovers to 1 Base to track their location, then you need to be interested in applying a time slot split algorithm similar to how telephone towers deal with thousands of thousands equipment (such as TDMA) to ensure the RF signal is free of collisions (interference).
Also, if you are interested: Our ESPrtk device also uses this way to receive / send NMEA data on 1000 Rovers with a single Base .
You should also pay attention to the placement of RF antennas and GPS / RTK antennas because the shortwaves in the UHF and GHz bands have been shown to affect the satellite reception quality of RTK antennas.