Drotek RM3100 setup

Good day, i’ve purchase the droteck rm3100, as i would like connect it on the SPI pads of the my can node board i need now more info about the pads i must use coz some name of the node board are different from the pinout of the board…my can node board have these pads GND - +5V - MOSI - MISO - SCK - NSS - NSS2 - +3V3
The SPi port of the drotek rm3100 have following GND - CS - MOSI - MISO - SCK - 5V

How about the calibration on MP coz on my gps board i have two compasses the LIS3MDL and IST8310 both calibrated for provide a good redundancy, only the third compass ive excluded coz its internal.

Waiting for a kind response